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Weekly Tips to Help You Profit With Football Index

World Cup Hot Prospects

After scoring another penalty against Colombia, Harry Kane (£9.24) is getting closer and closer to the golden boot. With 6 goals to his name, he has 2 goals more than Lukaku (£4.46) and Mbappe (£6.73). This was our tip of the week on Sunday, and Kane’s price already increased by £0.20! This is only going to get better with the game against Sweden around the corner!

Liquidity is Currently Excellent

Activity on the Football Index platform is going to be heightened during the World Cup, with traders flocking to pick up a profit as the prices of players fluctuate before, during and after the games. With high liquidity on offer, now is the ideal time to get in on the action and become a football trader!

Another interesting prospect is Kylian Mbappe (£6.73)! The French teenager’s price went up by nearly 20% after his 2 goals against Argentina. And he is only 19, so he is potentially an excellent long term asset, as well as a must have during the World Cup!

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