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Become a Football Trader Using Football Index

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Here are today’s top risers on the Football Index platform (data correct as at 09:39 on Monday 10 September 2018):

Sergio Ramos

Buy: £5.76  |  Sell: £5.59

Increase: £0.29

Ben Chilwell

Buy: £2.01  |  £1.95

Increase: £0.29

Demarai Gray

Buy: £2.06  |  £2.00

Increase: £0.19

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Football Index is the world’s first football stock market. Build a portfolio of players and then earn dividends, trade players and sell at a profit based on their real life form. Perform analysis and find strategies that work for you. Steadily increase the volume and size of investments you make.


Football trading is essentially about making a profit. We have therefore written about some of the key areas for you to think about when you make decisions on your next trade. View our profitable trading advice to help you take your Football Index Trading to the next level.

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Within our weekly Football Index tips we regularly highlight players that we believe have a good potential for price increases on Football Index. Our trading examples show you at what price you could have bought a player along with reasons for buying and the eventual selling price.

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My Football Trading is focused on bringing you the best hints and tips on using Football Index to help you generate profit as a football trader. As a result you can combine our expertise with your own football knowledge to pave your path to profit with Football Index.

Every week you’ll receive our analysis of how price movements occurred following various scenarios both on and off the pitch, helping you to choose your preferred players.

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