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Weekly Tips to Help You Profit With Football Index

It’s Coming Home!

With Spain out of the way after a penalty shootout lost against Russia today, the hope for football to be coming home is rising for England fans.

Indeed, the road to the final could not appear to be more favourable, with Colombia first on Tuesday, then Switzerland or Sweeden to get to the semi-final, and Russia or Croatia to get to the final. Therefore, it is a great time to buy England players as their prices will rise with media exposure and performance buzz throughout the remaining stages of the World Cup.

Out of all the England players, Harry Kane (£9.02) particularly appears to be an attractive option as he is challenging for the golden boot with 5 goals scored, and with Christiano Ronaldo out of the competition, Lukaku seems to be the only competition for the Englishman, ensuring plenty of media coverage and therefore media dividends. Moreover, his price has dipped below what it was 3 months ago, which means it has room to increase as well as earning dividends along the way.

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