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How Much Profit Can You Make in One Season?

Let’s have a look at the price changes between the start of the season (11th of August 2017) and the end of the season (26thof May 2018) to give those who haven’t been on the platform an idea of the changes we’ve witnessed.

Back on the opening day, the average price of the top 200 was £1.33, with Lukaku sitting top of the Index at £6.71 after his United move had been finalised. Jump ahead nine months and of those 200 players, 198 remain on the Index, with John Terry and Buffon no longer being on the platform. Of those original 198, 58 decreased in value, whilst 139 increased and Kelechi Iheanacho remained the same. Overall, the average price of these players increased £0.57 to £1.90. This 48% capital appreciation shows how impressive the growth has been this year without even considering dividend returns.

Looking at these players more specifically, 78 players outperformed the market average. The largest ROI belongs to Germany’s Timo Werner, who although may be stagnating now, he managed an impressive £3.09 increase from an initial price of £0.92 thanks to Leipzig’s Europa League campaign, transfer links and leading the line for Germany at the World Cup. In Monetary terms, it’s no surprise Neymar saw the biggest increase with a huge £9.22 increase.

Looking at the other side of the coin, it’s reassuring to know that the falls were nowhere near as large as some of the rises, with only two players (Zlatan and Rooney) falling more than 50% in value, both of which had very valid reasons for their loss in value. The majority of the other large fallers came as part of the natural cycle of recently transferred players finding their real value after the media dried up. This is still a common trend today, as we’ve already seen the likes of Fabinho and Fred fall after their moves were completed, making it something all users should be aware of.

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