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Weekly Tips to Help You Profit With Football Index

As We Predicted Last Week, Messi is Over the £10 Mark!

You heard it here first! As we predicted last week, Lionel Messi has gone over the £10 mark on Football Index.

Tip of the Week: Man United Players Favourites to win media dividends

Alexis Sanchez may not have had the best month in terms of his value on the market, but he proved that when it comes to the media ranking, you can never write off Man United players. Sanchez is supposedly becoming isolated at United and he seems to cut a lonely figure in the dressing room. We heard these kinds of reports during his final few weeks at Arsenal, but it seems as though Sanchez is struggling to settle in at the moment. Still, every cloud has a silver lining and this news was a blessing for traders holding Sanchez shares.

Another Man United man often tops the media rankings and it is the buzz magnet Paul Pogba. Now it’s safe to say that Pogba hasn’t exactly enjoyed the smoothest of relationships with his manager Jose Mourinho and it seems like the Frenchman is facing the fire of Mourinho once again. Yesterday we heard that Mourinho was apparently “unhappy” with Pogba because he’d interrupted a news interview Mourinho was undertaking. Now I’ve seen the video and I have to say Mourinho didn’t exactly look unhappy, but it looks like the press are looking for any excuse to light the fuse, so let’s see if anything else comes from this one! Either way, Pogba’s name in the news has had a positive effect for the Frenchman, so let’s hope he keeps interrupting those interviews!

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