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Aaron Ramsey

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After Arsène Wenger, and Jack Wilshere (£0.99) in the summer, the current longest serving Gunner could be on his way out as well. Aaron Ramsey (£3.94) is part of the Arsenal DNA, he has been at the club for 10 years, and is regarded by many as the best midfielder the gunners have at the moment
However, the 27 year old’s contract is running out in the summer and recent reports suggest that contract talks have broken down in the last 24 hours. This means that you can expect an imminent price increase for the midfielder on Football Index. In fact, the Welsh international has already seen a 20% price increase in the past 7 days as traders anticipated media dividends due to his contract running out. 
Complicated negotiations are mainly due to the fact that Mesut Ozil (£3.34) has signed a new contract in the summer, and managed to get himself a mouth-watering £350,000 per week in the process. Now comparing the 2 players’ performances over the past few years, you can understand why the Welshman is now asking for a significant increase on his £110,000 per week.
While this is happening, the interest from other clubs is growing, and Manchester United appear to be keen on Ramsey, potentially to replace Paul Pogba (£14.60) who has been very much hit and miss under Jose Mourinho. For Football Index traders, this represents an excellent opportunity to make a relatively quick profit.


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