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Weekly Tips to Help You Profit With Football Index

Messi to Join the £10+ Club?

Lionel Messi seems to reach a milestone or set a record every time he plays. Against Chelsea on Wednesday, there were two.

With Pogba injured, Rashford took his chance and his future looks very promising. No doubt this performance will play in the mind of the England coach for the World Cup this summer.

First, he registered his fastest goal in the Champions League by netting after two minutes eight seconds from a narrow angle, and later he reached 100 goals in the competition with a blistering low strike which went – as did his first – straight through the legs of Blues keeper Thibaut Courtois.

Now, can he be the second player in Football Index to go over the £10 mark (after Neymar last month)?

Tip of the Week: Diversify Your Portfolio!

If you buy more than 100 shares in one player, you end up affecting the price of this player. And as you can only buy or sell 100 shares of one player at a time, owning more means you will drive your own price up when buying and down if selling. Also, if your player gets injured during a game, shares will be sold very quickly and therefore you will not have the time to sell all your shares before the drop.

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