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How to Earn Dividends – the Stats

Let’s have a look at the average number of points needed to win dividends. For defenders, midfielders, and forwards, the averages were 191, 225, and 212 respectively.

Beginning at the back, Dani Alves was the one who led the way with the most scores above the 191 average with nine. Unsurprisingly, Alves was also the highest dividend earner with £0.55.

Nicolas Otemendi with eight above average scores and £0.52 in dividends, also had the highest average score with 145 thanks to city’s incredible form and passing nature.

Of the rest of the Defenders, nine other players managed to hit over three scores over the 191 threshold. One potentially worth highlighting is Bayern’s David Alaba, who picked up three scores above average but failed to earn any dividends which potentially gives the impression of a bit of bad luck.

Moving into midfield, Daniel Parejo impressively managed five scores above 225, although he was aided by four game-winning goals (three of which were from the penalty spot), £0.80 in dividends and an average score of 149 topples any other midfielder by some distance.

Interestingly, the midfielder with the second highest average is Kevin De Bruyne with 142, yet he only managed one score above the 225 average treble winning score. Still, a £0.40 yield shows that peak scores aren’t everything.
Similarly the highest dividend yielding midfielder James Rodriguez also only managed only one score over 225, mainly due to the number of times he never made it past the 70 minute mark, but his average of 130 was still enough to secure a £0.79 return.

In the forward category, Messi unsurprisingly leads the way in terms of peak scores, with an impressive ten scores over the 212 mark.

However, Neymar did manage six without playing in the last three months of the season and had the highest average score of any player on the index with 166 as well as smashing the largest forward score in one game with 357 back in January.

This time around, it’ll be interesting to see how much he can earn over the course of a full season. Juventus will offer up an interesting battle this season with Ronaldo and Dybala both fighting for dividends after very similar seasons last year.

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