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Football Index and Deciding When to Sell Players

New to Football Trading?

Football Index is the world’s first football stock market and forms the trading platform that you’ll use to buy and sell real footballers for real money 24 hours a day. Start trading now by signing up for a free account.

The price of players can fluctuate on Football Index, especially during key events or busy periods on the platform. In order to have the best chance of cashing out with a profit you should:

Monitor Your Position

Having an up-to-date view of your overall position at any time is key to knowing how the market is moving and when you may wish to sell a particular player. Recording information daily in a spreadsheet with charts is an excellent way for you to spot trends and when a player’s ceiling price may have been reached. Over time, you’ll get a feel for how individual news articles or game outcomes can affect a player’s price and you’ll learn when to either take the profit or cut the loss.

Stay Informed

Being the first to see and hear football results and related media content can mean you react quicker than other traders. For example, if you hear good news about a particular player, you can be first to buy and then watch the price increase whilst the market reacts to other people doing the same. If you’ve had a player that has already made you a profit and then bad news hits, perhaps as a result of an injury, you can be one of the first to sell, locking in your profit whilst you then watch the price fall for other traders.