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Football Index and Factors Affecting the Price of Players

New to Football Trading?

Football Index is the world’s first football stock market and forms the trading platform that you’ll use to buy and sell real footballers for real money 24 hours a day. Start trading now by signing up for a free account.

Knowing what factors affect the price of players is key to making successful trades on Football Index. Some of the key performance indicators are:

Pitch Performance

A good performance on the pitch is a key indicator of how a player’s price may move following (or during) the game. Performing well increases the player’s popularity and supply and demand indicates that when a player is popular, more people want to hit the buy button, meaning that an increase in popularity corresponds to an increase in the price. Conversely a poor performance is likely to send the price on a downward trend.

Market Movements

Consider what happens on the financial stock markets when a large shareholding is sold. The price generally falls because the market becomes saturated with those shares. Again supply and demand comes into play and the opposite can be true when a large shareholding is purchased – the price generally increases. Relating this to the football stock market, the same can happen i.e. the buying and selling behaviour of investors can move the price accordingly.

News and Media

Off the pitch, news reports and media activity can have an impact on football player’s prices. Consider a news article revealing a serious injury – something like this will likely affect the player’s popularity and when market movements are considered the result will likely be negative for the price. Rumours can also have an impact, for example if it is rumoured that a player is set for a big money move, this will likely have a positive impact on the price.