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Football Index is Giving Away £100,000 in Cash Prizes!

Football Index is giving away £100,000 in cash prizes!

You can enter the cash prize draws throughout the World Cup by opting in with your personal details used to register on Football Index. A whopping £100,000 will be divided into several cash prizes to be awarded on various dates throughout the World Cup. Don’t delay!

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Activity on the Football Index platform is going to be heightened during the World Cup, with traders flocking to pick up a profit as the prices of players fluctuate before, during and after the games. With high liquidity on offer, now is the ideal time to get in on the action and become a football trader!

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Football Index is the trading platform that you will use to buy and sell football players. Football Index allows you to invest in individual players, earn dividends, trade players and sell at a profit based on their real life form.