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Eden Hazard

Ahead of the West Ham Chelsea game this afternoon, we are looking at Eden Hazard (£12.47), who looks a different man under new coach Maurizio Sarri.

 His hat trick last week, playing off Olivier Giroud (£1.56) for the first 2 goals and scoring from the penalty spot for the third, earned him the dividends for best forward (£0.12 per share), overall star player (£0.06 per share), as well as the media dividend (£0.05 per share). That is a total of £0.23 per share for only one game! When you compare it to a regular savings account, it is easy to see why Football Index is growing so rapidly.
The Belgian like to have the ball in his feet and seems to have been transformed by the high possession “Sarri-ball” tactics (76% possession vs Cardiff, 72% vs Bournemouth, and 82% vs Newcastle). Following his hat trick, Sarri publicly praised the 27 year-old and said “he is the best player in Europe at present and more than capable of hitting 40 goals this season”. If this is the case, performance dividends are going to flow for the Belgian, and given the interest from Real Madrid, the media dividends should not disappoint either. This is leading to heavy investment, and Hazard’s share price has already gone up by over 50% in the last 30 days! 

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